Links for Fighting Gun Control in 2017

This week’s podcast was entitled How to Fight Gun Control Legislation. In the show notes, I put one link to contact your elected officials but that’s not enough hence the creation of this article. The following are SOME, NOT ALL the ways to make sure the Prez, our Congress and even state officials know that gun control is not ok. Groups like the NRA and Gun Owners of America have made it really easy to get in touch with these people so take advantage of the tools they offer.

Here are 3 ways to contact our government to urge them to oppose any gun control!

Contact the President through GOA
Contact your Congressman/Senator through GOA
IL Only – File a Witness Slip for Upcoming Hearings – Oppose HB4107, HB4112, HB4117

Here are more ways to keep up to date on the latest developments.

Follow Gun Owners of America on Facebook. They have good, new info and alot of resources to contact the government.
Follow MAC from the Military Arms Channel on Facebook. He’s being really vocal about the gun control bills and is a good source of information.

The more we put the pressure on, the more clear it will be that gun control is not going to fly in 2017. Hopefully never but it’s up to me AND YOU to make sure this goes nowhere. Did you do all of the above?? As the Governator would say, “DO IT NOOOOWWWW!!!!”

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