Episode 4 – Prepping 101 An Intro to Disaster Preparedness

I’ve been watching the coverage of Hurricane Harvey and seeing alot of first hand posts on Facebook. Some people are riding out the effects like power outages fairly well while others aren’t. My opinion is if you live in an area that is suseptible to disasters, it is your responsibility to be be prepared for them. By not being prepared and needing help, you then put the first responders’ lives in danger also when they could be helping other people. So today, we’re going to look at the culture of prepping and talk about how to get started.

Types of Disasters
Prepping Categories
Water, Food, Shelter, Protection, Medical, Clothing, Communications, Documentation

This is obviously just a high level look at the culture of preparedness in light of Hurricane Harvey and the impact it has had and is still having into this coming week. I’m bringing it up now because it is at the front of my mind. It makes me nervous knowing some type of natural disaster like this can occur anywhere and I want to protect my family the best I can. I also realize that while I have been prepping, sometimes actively, sometimes passively, there is always room for improvement and refinement in our plans and supplies. If this is new to you, I would encourage you not to get overwhelmed at how broad the scope of something like this is. If you live in the US like me, we usually have it pretty easy and I know I am almost completely dependent on systems of support like energy, clean water, food available, policing, working cell phones etc. It takes time, planning, diligence and initiative to partially unplug from these systems of support in order to be self-sustainable should we actually have to be.

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