Episode 17 – Adventures in the Stock Market

Today’s podcast delves into what I’ve learned about buying and selling stocks in the stock market. This year has been a pretty safe time to try my hand at this stuff. The markets have overall done exceptionally well lately but it can still give you some problems if you don’t know some basic techniques and have some basic knowledge.

Dan’s 7 Rules for Investing in Stocks
1. Watch a stock for at least 3 weeks before buying
2. Study charts for patterns and sectors for trends
3. Have enter and exit strategies before buying
4. Don’t sell right before an earnings date without a good reason
5. Dividend = good
6. Keep your ear to the ground
7. Buy for trends, not pops (Day vs swing trading)

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Books Reviewed – The How to Make Money Investing in Stocks Complete Investing System: Your Ultimate Guide to Winning in Good Times and Bad by William O’Neill
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  • What about crypto currencies?
    ~RAchel Cathi’s friend and wife of bit coin lover 😉

    • I’m no expert but I wouldn’t lump cryptocurrencies in with stock equities. Owning shares in companies that have a long track record is alot more stable than cryptocurrencies which are obviously really volatile right now. The best advice I’ve heard is to use money towards crypto that you wouldn’t mind losing coz this is still so new. In Episode 18, I talk about how I’m mining crypto to get it instead of buying more of it outright. That way, if it tanks, I still have the hardware that I could sell to recoup my initial investment. If it goes up, I win. Thanks for the question! Have your Bitcoin loving spouse check out Episode 18 of the podcast!

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