Episode 15.5 – I Suck at IT, Podcast REACTIVATED!

So obviously the title if this podcast says it all. I’m starting the podcast back up after our extremely brief hiatus cause I can’t figure out the changes I want to make. So expect a new podcast early next week like normal and buckle up cause we’re going to get this thing moving again.
So I started doing the research like I mentioned in the last podcast of how to change RSS feeds and migrate hosting for the blog. It’s complicated! Now it’s probably not that complicated for someone who knows what they’re doing but I’m not someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to this stuff. I don’t think it’s an effective use of my time to figure all this techy stuff out when I’d probably screw something up either way. So with that being said I’ve decided we’re going to plow forward with the current iteration of the blog and I’ll just save up and pay some competent person later to fix everything.
So this is just an announcement that we’re back (in black). RIP Malcolm Young, if you didn’t hear or know he died recently. He was the rythym guitar player for ACDC. In the next podcast I want to discuss my thoughts and analysis on why I tried pausing the podcast because I think there are some interesting takeaways from it.
But we’ll talk about that next week. In the meantime, since this episode is being released on Thanksgiving, I wanted to close this by saying happy Thanksgiving to you and remind you and myself for that matter to enjoy this holiday season. If you’re constantly going and working and doing crap like me, taking some downtime to regroup or recharge the batteries is really hard. But totally necessary.
But anyway, enjoy some downtime in the next month and recharge your batteries so we can crush it in 2018. It’s only a month away so I’m not going there mentally yet. I’m going to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend with the fam, before the year end push at work.

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