Episode 13 – How to Fight Gun Control Legislation

 So I really don’t want to talk about gun control and all the crap happening after the Las Vegas shooting. It’s so freaking unproductive but here we are. So join me in this podcast to hear about what we’re doing to fight back. People want to take your rights, freedom and liberty away and it’s up to you to squash it.
Our lofty elected representatives think they can wave their puny arms and barf some words on a piece of paper and magically make shootings go away but it don’t work like that. There are deranged, violent people in our society who do violent and deranged things. The rest of us need to accept that and find ways to deal with it.

Books Reviewed – The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick
Contact your Elected Representatives – It’s halfway down on the right side, called “Find your Elected Officials”

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