Chris Cornell Died and I’m Devastated

If you have been living under a rock, just crawled out and came to my website you would now know the awful news that Chris Cornell passed away this week. This is completely awful! I made a video about it but I keep wanting to say more…

I feel so bad for his family, his band, his friends, and his fans. With such a long career and the absolutely amazing talent he had, I can’t imagine how many millions of people he impacted. I know he influenced me immensely. His work was the pinnacle of modern music in my opinion and I have so much respect and complete appreciation for the man’s gifts and the resulting songs he created. As each day passes, I’m remembering more and more memories and past thoughts of Soundgarden or Audioslave. Some are how much I enjoyed both bands’ music but others are the realization of how deeply particularly Soundgarden’s music and Chris’ abilities altered and affected my perception of creating music. For example, after digesting Superunknown, I began using time signatures other than just 4/4. I particularly like 6/4 but 5/4 and 7/4 are great too. Or just throw in a bar of 2/4 or whatever if the phrase works for the song. Years ago, I pushed myself vocally too to TRY to just comprehend how Chris was able to sing the way he could. I didn’t succeed but my vocals did improve because of his influence.

The fact that he committed suicide makes this even harder to deal with. The darkness he must have felt to actually go through with it had to be incredible. There’s alot of speculation and unanswered questions about what caused him to kill himself so who knows why. I’m just really sad because I was thrilled when Soundgarden reunited years ago and while I wasn’t following them daily, I would run across a new video on YouTube or see a Facebook post about them. It made me feel really good that they (and particularly Chris) were still out there rocking (in my opinion) some of the absolute best, most brilliant music that has every existed.

Now he’s gone for reasons that will probably never make sense and it sucks. You never want to see anyone take themselves out but life sucks and people deal with their issues differently. We all have a different foundation when the demons start whispering things in our minds and what they say can sound pretty good. What our foundation consists of will determine our response to the demons’ words. I bet it’s pretty easy once they start talking to blow up or shoot people or run them over with your car like that asshole did earlier this week. As for me, I believe that Jesus is stronger than demons and when the whispers start, I remember that He was tempted by Satan himself after fasting for over a month. To resist the devil having gone weeks without eating takes some balls and it is that Jesus who I ultimately look to. Yes, Chris Cornell for musical inspiration but only Jesus Christ for eternal strength, confidence and assurance that while this world sucks hard alot of the time, He (Jesus) is stronger than me and a crap load stronger than a crappy situation or a demon’s haunting, unceasing whispers. May more people look to Jesus for solutions to life’s problems because He will fix them…and go listen to Soundgarden’s Superunknown. It only gets better with time.

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